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Did No Contact Not Work If Your Ex Hasn’t Contacted You?

I’m going to answer the question, “Did No Contact not work if my ex hasn’t contacted me?” I suggest watching my video below and then continuing slowly and carefully  through this article. So if my ex didn’t contact me during no contact (also with a little tweaking can...

Will My Ex Move On If I Use No Contact?

In the video above, relationship expert Coach Lee discusses a common concern expressed by his coaching clients. Be sure to watch this important video all the way through before or after reading this article. Their concern is if their ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend will...

What To Do When Your Ex Has Blocked You On Phone and Facebook

Your ex has blocked you on their phone or on Facebook. At least you think so. Here's how you can know: iPhone - The latest iPhones (in iOS 9 or later), will say 'Delivered' and remain blue (which means it's still an iMessage) after you text your ex. But they will...

How To Write A Clean Slate Message To Your Ex (And When)

I’m going to show you how to write a clean slate message to send to your ex and I'll tell you when you should do it. I often also refer to it as a reset message and that is because what I’m going to show you is often effective to reset how your ex views you after you...

Am I Doing No Contact Correctly?

A common question asked by clients on a coaching call with me to get their ex back is, “Am I doing no contact correctly?” Or, “Am I doing no contact right?” For some, no contact seems like a simple concept where you do not make any contact with your ex boyfriend or...