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Can You Talk Your Ex Into Getting Back Together?

No matter how many times I advise against it, people still try to talk their ex out of breaking up with them. Most ask what they should tell their ex to get her/him back and I want to answer that question in this post. So I will tell you why trying to talk your ex out...

How To Save A Marriage

The question, "How to save a marriage," is often asked in a dire situation when the marriage is in a state of crisis. Be sure to watch the video above all the way through FIRST and then read the article below to the end. Take your time. I know what you're going...

Guest Post: How To Get Your Ex Back

by Erin Elizabeth (Note: This is a guest post from a like minded professional. Coach Lee does not necessarily endorse the content of this article.) You broke up with him or he broke up with you, it really doesn’t matter. What matters now is that you are 100% sure that...

Getting Mixed Signals From Your Ex?

Do you feel you are getting mixed signals from your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend? One day your ex seems to act like they want to get back together but the next day your ex seems cold and distant again? Maybe it seems like your ex is playing games with you by their...

Is My Ex Playing Games With Me?

You want to learn how to know if your ex is playing games with you? This article will work to help you know if anyone is playing games with you, even if that is your boyfriend or girlfriend. Head games are bad when played by guy or girl and are not long term solutions...